What is a Terminated Merchant or Match?

MATCH was a system created by MasterCard in efforts to prevent extensive losses and protection for agencies offering merchant account services.  The MATCH system is a database that stores businesses and the respected principals of the business on a terminated list which eliminates the possibility of future processing privileges domestically and most likely internationally in some cases.  The MATCH system is readily available for acquiring banks to scrub potential and pending applicants  for past processing history.  When the business becomes matched not only is the business name apart of the system, but the applicant, email addresses, phone numbers, websites and so on are as well.

What happens when a company profile is match’d?

To make this as easy to understand as possible; don’t get matched!  Getting matched is quite simply the worst thing that can happen to you as a business owner processing credit cards.  Once matched your ability to process credit cards becomes revoked and you are thrown in a database of people who will never see the swipe of day again.  The MATCH list can be thought of as the prison of processing, except for in this prison, 9/10 you’re doing a life sentence.

How do  Merchants Get MATCH’d?

There are several reasons that Merchants may get MATCH’d including but not limited to;

•Illegal Activity
•Money Laundering
•Excessive Chargebacks
•NSF and Bank Reported Loss

These are just a few reasons that you can get MATCH’d!  In other words, not using your account as intended in the the contract will land you in some hot water.  This is one of the main reasons why you want to deal with a merchant who is not just trying to put up processing volume, but more so, place you accordingly with the correct bank.  Incorrect placement can land you on this list quickly!

How Long Are You On the “List”?

As reported by MasterCard guidelines, the said time is 5 years…….With that being said, don’t hold your breath.  It’s going to show regardless and you more than likely will never
get off the “list”

How Do You Get Off the List?

Once placed on the MATCH’d list it becomes pretty difficult to remove yourself.  This isn’t one of those lists that is easy to work with.  The only way off of the MATCH’d list is through the same bank that landed you there.  Sounds like a pain right?  Well depending on what landed you there, it could be a hectic situation to deal with.  If you’re told that you have been placed on the list the first step you need to do is contact the previous processor in efforts to get an idea of what happened and what exactly landed you there.  It’s not going to be a one phone call process.  The transfers, waits and hang ups are going to make it seem like the end of days.  Getting risk management involved in anything these days is as difficult as it can get because of the liability they carry around.  If you were placed for something like NSF on funds then your chances of rectifying the situation are much greater than most.  Fraud is on another level.  If you’ve been placed on the MATCH list for fraud……well;  it’s a done deal.  Most common than others is chargebacks.  When processing domestically Visa/MC offers thresholds on what is acceptable and unacceptable.  Being placed with the correct account can stop this whole process right away as long as you’re not really committing and type of fraud.  If you have exhausted the phone calls and you have no luck and really know that you are innocent, the only possible option becomes hiring a bankcard attorney.  Processing has its own laws and usually with some meticulous research an experienced attorney can help point out any errors in a case to help prove your innocence.  If its fraud, not likely.

Can You Still Get a Merchant Account?

If you were placed on the MATCH list there are several ways to go about processing in the future.  There are some domestic banks willing to take on risk depending on placement reasons.  More often than others we can provide you with an International Merchant solution that will take on your business type.  Don’t feel helpless yet!

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