Placing merchants for suitable accounts is easy, many of us want to believe that not only do we have our “goto merchant” but we have rock solid processing that’ll last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In order to properly place a merchant, you must first understand the way the business works along with the flow of transaction. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business, but most times affiliates get stuck with borderline processing from banks that are not willing to take on the risk and transaction volume that will accommodate the nature of the business.

At Merchant Mike we understand the principals of affiliate marketing and know how important it is to have strong processing so that there are no interruptions in media buying, product fulfillment and payment processing. Don’t just trust any merchant who “specializes” in High Risk Merchant Processing. Merchant Mike has over 10+ years in IT alone and can help you with the following processes:

•Merchant Processing Placement (Domestic & High Risk)
•Web Automation
•Web Development
•Media Buying
•Call Center Solutions
•Publisher Placement (Invite Only)

Get placed today with the correct account and let the race begin! Time to amp of the volume and goto work!