Chargebacks are a part of everyday life in a consumer environment, however they are costly and inconvenient. The good news is that Merchant Mike provides a chargeback service, which takes the burden of dealing with chargebacks off of your shoulders. Our chargeback solutions will save you time, money and will alleviate stress leaving you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your chargebacks have been taken care of.We provide comprehensive reports detailing a thorough breakdown of chargebacks through your merchant account, backed up with in-depth analysis and an evaluation of your merchant account function.

In the unlikely event that there has been fraudulent activity on your account, we have a customized dispute package which will immediately be put into action to begin the dispute process and arrange for funds to be reversed by the relevant bank or financial institution.

It is in everyone’s best interests to operate with minimal chargebacks. If we notice that you are operating above an acceptable level of chargebacks, we will suggest a chargeback reduction plan. This will identify any key areas of hardship and allow you to implement realistic strategies to reduce the number of chargebacks and to safeguard the ongoing nature of your merchant account.
Merchant Mike offers a convenient chargeback handling solution to save you time and money.

Our detailed chargeback reporting identifies trends, patterns and concentrations, for a deeper analysis of your merchant account performance.

For cases of fraudulent chargebacks, we can prepare customized dispute packages to initiate reversals with the issuing banks.

If your merchant accounts are operating above acceptable chargeback thresholds, we can even prepare a Chargeback Reduction Plan to address key operational issues and ensure that your merchant accounts remain open.

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