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Domestic CBD Oil Merchant Accounts



The Background of CBD Oil and how to get CBD Oil Credit Card Processing

Although CBD Oil has acknowledged medical uses and benefits with no psychoactive effects, CBD & Hemp Oil distributors and other industries related to Medical Cannabis have been denied both banking and credit card processing services by traditional banks due to the conflicts between state, federal, and international laws. CBD Oil & Hemp Oils have a new found approach and as the development continues the Processing is becoming more transparent and leveraged allowing CBD Oil Credit Card Processing to have a real chance at a traditional High risk processing account.

New Developments in CBD Oil Credit Card Processing

However, Merchant Mike Payment Systems has legitimate Domestic payment solutions for the CBD Oil, Hemp Oil and Medical Cannabis industry including both online and retail payment options with high rates of approval for qualified CBD Oil businesses. When dealing with a “high-risk CBD or Hemp Oil business you MUST make sure that your agent has both a strong relationship with the bank and a SOLID domestic portfolio to leverage the risk. Many agents claim to have a solution for CBD Oil or Hemp Oil but 99% of the time it is a shotgun approach to find a bank willing to accept the business type. CBD Oil or Hemp Oil can easily be placed with the right Processor and Merchant Mike Payment Systems has personable relationships ready to connect your business to the online world.

Are these solutions only for CBD Oil Merchant Accounts? Can they work for Hemp Oil Merchant Accounts?

These solutions are ideal for medical cannabis dispensaries & collectives, delivery services, producers, retailers & distributors of CBD oil, Hemp Oil and paraphernalia, and other legal cannabis and hemp related industries.

How do I get my CBD Oil Merchant Account?

Merchants must be legal businesses to qualify. If you have strong financials payment processing is NOT NEEDED! Start accepting CBD Oil Credit Card Payments online without the international cost and slow turn around. Deal with Domestic banking solutions who are qualified and ready to accept the risk on your account. Merchant Mike Payment Systems has an EXCLUSIVE relationship for all CBD Oil Credit Card Processing & Hemp Oil Credit Card Processing.

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