Merchant Mike is committed to your security which is why we have powered our service with the Ethoca network.  Ethoca is one of the most powerful tools in operation for minimizing fraud and promoting collaboration between card issuers and merchants.

Verifi is a system that protects your payments against fraudulent activity and streamlines business processes. Through the secure gateway and innovative strategy, Verifi has reduced chargebacks by a staggering 40% across the board.

Merchant Mike has implemented both Ethoca and Verifi to ensure that we’re providing our customers with only the very best in available resources that will combat fraud and enhance the user experience.


Ethoca is a secure network for card issuers and merchants to connect and work cooperatively outside the payment network in a unique and powerful way!

Ethoca, through its innovative services, helps connect card issuers to online merchants to stop fraud that slips through their defences and recapture lost revenues.



We have partnered with Verifi to reduce your payments risks, streamline business processes and lower operational costs. Whether its stopping fraud, maximizing your billings on our flexible and robust global gateway or our award winning chargeback prevention and dispute management services, our team of experts and custom SaaS solutions will protect your payments and boost your profits across the entire transaction lifecycle.


Verifi Stop Chargebacks