5 Mistakes Business owners make when picking their Merchant Accounts.

Did You Actually Read the T&C of the Merchant Agreement?
Watch Out For Interchange Downgrades and Rate Fluctuations (AKA Hidden Fees)
Be Aware of the Contact Term and Early Cancellation Penalties
Are You Making Volume Commitments?
Are You Getting Outsourced?

The Truth of the matter is…….

Accepting payments seems like a simple task but not being aware of certain tricks a processor can play is really where the problems begin.  Know who you are dealing with and where the important information is in the contractual agreements.  Many agreements can sound very aggressive  but have certain performance obligations to be met in order to even save money.

Merchant Mike guarantees no hidden fees!

At the end of the day its all about the money.  Personable relationships give us the opportunity to reach out and explain any and all circumstances that arise.  There won’t be any hidden information or small text blurs made to have you overlook the contracts true arrangements.  Leave it in our hands to fight for your bottom dollar and save you all the money we can.

Merchant Mike and Your Merchant Accounts:

Merchant Mike puts your global banking needs first. We know that different companies have different requirements so we offer a range of merchant services which will provide you with the ideal solution for all of your payment scenarios.

If you are considered a high risk because you are a new business, have no previous credit history or are walking in an industry that is previously unchartered territory, we provide high-risk merchant accounts at the lowest rates without affecting the quality of your product.

We offer both location-based and ‘card-not-present’ accounts which means that you can choose any payment gateway that is appropriate for your business and we will deliver.

With merchant accounts available from banks located in North America and Europe, there are a number of ways that your global customers can pay for your service:

Point of Sale Terminals – mobile payments for cell phones and handheld devices – E-commerce for online traders – Mail and phone order – International accounts (see High risk and offshore) and E-checks (ACH).
Merchant Mike offers many different types of location-based and card-not-present merchant accounts, including:

• Point of Sale Terminals
• Mobile Payments for Smartphones and Tablets
• E-commerce for Websites
• Mail Order/Phone Order (MOTO)
• International Accounts (including High Risk and Offshore)
• E-checks (ACH)

Merchant accounts are available from banks located in North America, U.K & Europe.