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No Fee Merchant Account

By April 25, 2017Merchant Accounts

Current Merchants and Rates

Merchants these days are continually looking for the cheapest rate merchant accounts possible.  Your business is probably currently on a Tiered or Interchange Plus pricing model.  With most businesses looking for cheaper processing we have found the perfect fit which enables your business to actually pass the cost of the processing onto your customer which in turn yields No Fee processing rates for your business!  No Fee Merchant Accounts are the new model of accepting Credit Cards.  Stop paying credit card processing fees and gain your profit back.

Sound to good to be true?  Its not…………. 

Many businesses are operating on very thin profit thresholds.  If your merchant account costs are cutting deeply into your profits then you may need to inquire about our No Fee Merchant Program Today!  This program has taken everyday business merchant processing rates and slashed them to under 10% of the current processing rates.  Stop overpaying for your merchant account.

How does it work?

Merchants can offer customers the option to pay with a credit card as long as they’re willing to accept the merchant’s surcharge or fee associated with that option. Merchants can set the fee up to 4%, and pay no fee themselves for processing credit card transactions. The No Fee Merchant Account Program is perfect for any business doing $7k or more in processing monthly.  The No Fee Merchant Account Program works the same way your traditional processing does.  The client elects to pay using any brand credit card, you swipe or insert the credit card for processing and the transaction is then sent for an approval.  The only significant difference is the Surcharge that will be reflected upon the receipt which can go upto 3.99% depending on business type.  Start Accepting credit cards the new way and ditch your traditional merchant account for a NO FEE MERCHANT ACCOUNT!

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