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Your Online Presence & Page Speed

By December 10, 2016Web Development

On your mark, Get set! Loading………

So your website is now complete and you’re just waiting for the money to pour in right?  Well, lets hope so at least!  A common problem with store front and e-commerce businesses is the Page Speed load times of the website.

The Massive Mobile Market

In this day and age the mobile phone has become the go to device to research things to do. In a study conducted by gomez.com & akamai.com for kissmetrics (Read more here…..) 40% of potential customers using a mobile phone stated they would abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  3 seconds?  Yes! 3 Seconds or 40% of your potential business is gone!  Whether you’re an online business, or just a restaurant opening up for business,  you’re jeopardizing your potential profits by not “caring” about your online presence.

Your website and Google

In common SEO practices many business owners are unaware that Page Speed does in fact have a factor in your google ranking.  In an article published for google webmasters (Read More here…..) Google gives a clear indication that one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages is Page Speed.  When your Page Speed is slow the major search engines have a harder time crawling for keywords which therefore sends you plunging in rankings.

How do I know if my Page Speed is slow??

Good Question!  There are many online tools that can help you asses your Page Speed and where you rank among other sites.

  • GTmetrix has a really simple layout to analyze Page Speeds
  • Google also has its own method for calculating your Page Speeds

My site has an F Grade Mike, What Next?

So your Page Speed is slower than molasses, its okay! Don’t freak out!  When looking at the elements that need work the following are the major components:

  1. Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  2. Reducing Redirects
  3. Leverage Browser Caching
  4. Using Content Distribution Networks
  5. Using Image Compression, ect.

It’s nearly impossible to get perfect scores but  it doesn’t have to be perfect.  All improvements to Page Speed should be done by a professional because of modifications done to the source code.  I recommend hiring a Web Development professional to handle these types of changes.  Luckily, all of these changes don’t require the website to be down or in maintenance mode!

Merchant Mike will optimize your Page Speeds at no cost!!!

If your site is suffering from slow Page Speed load times you can contact us at anytime for a free analysis.  Whats the deal?  How do I get it done at no cost? If your business is currently accepting Credit Card / ACH Payments online or in-store Merchant Mike not only GUARANTEES to beat your current rate, but will also improve your Page Speed and online presence at no cost with placement of your Merchant Account.  Not accepting payments yet?  No Problem!  If you are approved, you’re in!  Don’t let your Page Speed slow your potential growth.

Call Merchant Mike Payment Systems today at 844-887-7623

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