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Peptide Merchant Accounts – Domestic Processing


Peptides and the Past

Peptides and Research Products are emerging all over the internet as the new way of health and bodybuilding enhancements.  Unfortunately due to some substances, placing a Domestic Merchant account in the past was difficult.  Often, many of the Peptide companies had to search for alternative methods of payment, many of which were obtained offshore.  As we all know, processing offshore payments is a headache within itself.  Processing offshore can lead to extended deposit times, high reserves, foreign registration fees and no guarantee of payment.

Peptides and the Future

With the correct agreements in place and over $10,000,000 in peptide e-commerce markets placed domestically, Merchant Mike has secured a Domestic relationship for all your Peptide and Research processing needs.

What does it take to get a Peptide / Research Merchant Account?

  • U.S Corporation
  • Good Credit
  • Never Blacklisted
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Multi Domain Corps – OKAY

With the Peptide / Research Merchant Accounts we have secured its a fast easy process.  98% Approval Rate.  We are one of the only merchants in the United States that can place this.  Stop paying extra fees and waiting extended periods of time to get paid.  We have SAME DAY FUNDING AVAILABLE.  If you currently process offshore let Merchant Mike help place your account and secure more trust with your clients now.



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