Product fulfillment describes all of the steps between the customer’s initial inquiries to the delivery of their product. Within that process; elements to consider are supply, shipping, customer follow-up and coordination of manufacturers.

Merchant Mike can collaborate with you to provide your organization with a strategy, which puts a sturdy and reliable product fulfillment chain into action. This will ensure that customer orders are received and processed within a timely manner, which improves the service your customer receives.

Specifically, we can focus on warehouse, shipment and manufacturer coordination; order reconciliation, customer follow-up and lost order tracking.

If you’ve noticed that your supplier is lagging behind, that orders are being misplaced or that customers aren’t getting the follow up they need to make them feel as though they want to give you repeat business; our product fulfillment service is for you. This addresses all of those elements and many more and will make sure that your processes are rigid to enhance your customer’s experience so that they want to come back, time and time again.

Our services include:

• Coordination of Manufacturers, Warehouses, and Shipment Companies
• Shipment/Order Reconciliation
• Customer Follow-up Campaigns (via Phone or email)
• Lost Order Tracking

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