Risk Management

Risk Management

Identifying and implementing strategies to reduce risk is one of the most fundamental elements of running a successful business. Risk involves both internal and external threats and Merchant Mike are experienced in both. They will provide a comprehensive service which will analyze industry and organizational specific threats and help you implement strategies for risk reduction.

Services are available to both merchants and processors to allow improvement of service across the board. Working together to identify key areas of risk, we will assess portfolio risk, profitability analysis, fraud monitoring, traffic conversion rates, customer retention and satisfaction, product fulfillment metrics and payments reconciliation.

There are many other ways our risk management specialists can support your organization to streamline your risk processes, so get in touch today to discuss further.

Merchant Mike offers wide range of industry specific analytics, experience, and expertise to merchants and processors to improve performance and reduce risk.

Services include:

• Portfolio Risk Assessments
• Processing Volume/Profitability Analysis
• Fraud and Chargeback Monitoring
• Affiliate Traffic Conversion Rates
• Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates
• Customer Service Delivery Metrics
• Product Fulfillment Metrics
• Payments Reconciliation

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